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Building envelope improvements can generate significant energy savings


According to the Department of Energy, building envelopes (exterior walls, doors, roofs, chimneys, foundations and sills) are the single largest source of energy loss in residential buildings.

  • 36% - 51% of household energy waste results from shortcomings in building envelopes
  • Sagewell estimates that 20% of residential buildings can save $750-$1500 per year and
    eliminate 14,000-28,000 lbs of CO2 annually with a simple building envelope retrofit.

Sagewell's Energy Efficiency Analysis Report quickly identifies problem areas in your building
envelope and recommends cost-effective energy efficiency retrofit solutions. It is the first step toward a
more energy efficient home.

  • If a major problem in your building’s envelope is identified, a 25–50% reduction in energy cost with a payback of two to three years may be possible.
  • In some cases, relatively small projects can save 20–30% on your monthly energy cost and you may be eligible for credits and subsidies that pay for most of the improvements.

Each energy efficiency analysis includes:

  • A report showing precisely and visually which windows, doors, walls, roof segments and other building envelope components may be deficient in your home
  • An estimated cost range to complete a retrofit project
  • An estimated payback period range to recoup your investment
  • An estimated energy savings range

Find out how your home's energy efficiency compares to other houses

Sagewell has developed a tool for comparing your home to other homes in your region:

Energy Efficiency Rating: we categorize your house in comparison to all other homes in your region, using our advanced energy analytics. At a quick glance you can see how your building compares to everyone else's. Is your home...

  • Highly Inefficient
  • Inefficient
  • Somewhat Inefficient
  • Efficient