Sagewell in the news

May, 2015
Cutting cords and other energizing advances
Inventive technologies and services are extending the possibilities of energy efficiency.  WANT TO SEE HOW energy seeps out of your house? It may not be a pretty picture. Sagewell of Woburn can produce striking thermal images that can tell customers exactly where homes and commercial buildings are losing heat. It’s part of a wave of companies and projects that is amping up the old id
January, 2015
Green Your Heat is a chance to save
The Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee is pleased to announce the launch of Green Your Heat, a new opportunity for Concord residents to save money and energy, following 2013’s successful Concord Solar Challenge. Green Your Heat (GYH) will provide partial rebates for these weatherization services: insulation, sealing of air leaks, and installation of programmable thermostats. Gr
November, 2014
Data Analytics Reducing Solar Customer Acquisition Costs
As the US solar industry continues to see year-over-year growth, solar companies are met with a unique set of challenges to take advantage of this growth and market opportunities. Whether focused on generating sales via door-to-door efforts or traditional marketing channels, all solar companies stand to benefit from looking at the data behind their leads and existing customers, to help stream
October, 2014
Belmont Light offers energy efficiency grants to residents
Belmont Light is pleased to announce the launch of the Belmont Light Energy Grant Program. A limited number of grants for insulation and heat pump heating systems are now available to Belmont residents through a special award from the state. Belmont Light customers can save energy and lower heating costs this winter by taking advantage of two new opportunities: One-hundred Weatherization Gra
September, 2014
Wellesley extends rebate for solar installation
The Wellesley Municipal Light Plant’s (WMLP) board has extended its electrical solar installation rebate for Wellesley WMLP customers who sign up for solar before Dec. 31, 2014, and install by June 30, 2015. "With a very impressive ROI [return on investment], many Wellesley residents are investing in solar and we would like to see the successful program continue longer," said Kath
February, 2014
New Energy Efficiency Program Available To Westport Homeowners
Worried about your heating bills during the very cold winter? Westport homeowners can get a free thermal image report that shows home heat loss.
February, 2014
Westport CT Program helps to save home heating costs
WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Westport residents can take advantage of a new program to see how heat is escaping from their homes, and what they can do to keep that energy money inside. VIDEO LINK: In the dark, it is tough for our camera to see this house, but it glows brightly on a different camera. “What we’
February, 2014
We Have Looked at Your House, Now Act to Save Energy
Westporters beginning today have a unique way to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
February, 2014
Putting The Heat On Westport Homes
What good is owning a home if you can’t compare it to your neighbors’?
January, 2014
Wellesley offers homeowners free thermal image reports
Wellesley is offering homeowners a free thermal image report that displays an exterior heat loss image of your home and an analysis of what the image implies. The image is only viewable by the homeowner. This is part of the Town’s MORE POWER TO CHOOSE campaign that includes other opportunities to improve your home efficiency and “Make Wellesley Even Better.”  
December, 2013
Energy assessment promotion to benefit Weston schools
Do you want to know what “win-win” looks like? It looks like the Weston Public Schools getting money because you are learning how to save energy in your home. The Weston PTO and the Weston Climate Group have put together a year-end promotion with thermal-imaging company Sagewell, whereby Sagewell will donate $10 to the Weston Public Schools for every Weston household that signs up
November, 2013
Enfield Energy Awareness Seminar
On Monday, Nov. 25, Enfield Energy Alliance in conjunction with certified Home Energy Solutions contractors Next Step Living ( and Victory Energy Solutions (, will present an Energy Awareness Seminar. The seminar is designed for residents and town leaders to learn more about how they can take advantage of energy-saving programs and initiatives tha
October, 2013
Winchester homeowners warm up to audits
Winchester, MA — This month, the non-profit Sustainable Winchester and Cambridge-based Sagewell, Inc. are working to bring awareness of a free program to improve the energy efficiency of Winchester homes.
September, 2013
Weston Climate Group Home Energy Assessment Programs
Fall has arrived, everyone has returned from the Cape or wherever else they disappeared to over the summer months, and school is back in session. The leaves are starting to fall, as is the thermometer. Now is the perfect time to start making a few little changes that will increase your comfort and decrease your heating bills over the winter to come. The quickest, easiest first step is to get a
March, 2013
Waltham: Sign up for energy assessment
After a long, cold winter, people are eager to open their windows and let fresh air flow through their homes. This is the perfect time to think about preparing your home for the approaching heat of the summer and the freezing weather that will follow next winter, according to Sagewell Inc., a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in identifying building envelope deficiencies and providing h
March, 2013
MIT Technology Review: How to Create Thermal Images for Millions of Homes
Two startups combine Google Street View method with infrared imaging to show homeowners where energy is being wasted. Sagewell and Essses have effectively brought the idea of Google Street View, where a camera-equipped car drives through neighborhoods, to thermal imaging.
March, 2013
Weston Climate Group: Using thermal imaging to save energy
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the field of home energy efficiency, the thermal camera produces an image that deserves that adage. In fact, thermal imaging has enabled energy assessors to effectively measure heat escaping from buildings. This helps highlight problem areas for weatherization upgrades.
January, 2013
NPR WBUR 90.9: New Technology Makes Home Heat Loss Visible
By Monica Brady-Myerov January 4, 2013 BOSTON — Winter is definitely settling in, and that’s putting our homes to the cold test. A large amount of heat can literally seep out through old windows and poorly insulated walls and roofs. Now, new technology shows people exactly where it’s escaping, and heating efficiency programs are helping homeowners plug those gaps. Ener
December, 2012
No-cost Energy Audits for Belmont - Everyone Wins
We so often hear how the Town takes our money - taxes, fees, water and electric rates. Here is a case of the Town trying to save us money. Belmont, through its Energy Committee and the Belmont Municipal Light Department (BMLD), is offering Belmont residents free, comprehensive home energy assessments. Audits are now available whether you use natural gas or oil. Earlier audit programs
December, 2012
Mass. start-ups explore the more efficient side of clean tech
Boston Globe Dec 12, 2012 On a chilly night just before Thanksgiving, I hopped into the back seat of a Ford Escape and went for a ride around Belmont. On the car’s roof was a sleek shell case for sports gear. But there were holes cut in the left and right sides of the case, and instead of skis, a pair of thermal imaging cameras were stashed inside. The cameras were designed to take pictu
November, 2012
Belmont MA selects Sagewell to administer an innovative energy efficiency program
Save energy, save money Belmont Municipal Light Department launches Home Energy Assessment Pilot Program Belmont, Mass. — Belmont Municipal Light Department announces a pilot program to provide free, comprehensive home energy assessments to its customers who heat their homes with fuel oil and electricity. The pilot program, which will be administered by thermal imaging company Sagewell, Inc
November, 2012
NPR: Living on Earth: Thermal imaging and insulating your home
Pictures taken with a thermal camera let you see with your own eyes where heat is leaking out of walls and windows in your home. It's a powerful spur to persuade you to improve insulation and keep the storm windows closed. Living on Earth’s Helen Palmer reports...."people often need a push to decide to actually get the job done – and the pictures – with the bright oranges and red
October, 2012
Medford MA: Woburn business offers Medford residents thermal images of their houses
Medford — Last winter, employees from the Woburn-based thermal imaging company, Sagewell, Inc. drove around Medford in a hybrid vehicle taking snapshots of Medford homes with heat-loss-sensing equipment. The result is a database of thermal images that allows Medford homeowners to peek at where heat might be escaping from their houses. “Thermal images are a real eye opener,”
October, 2012
Sagewell Imaging in Brookline MA
Sagewell Imaging in Brookline Green Homes Brookline looks to incorporate Sagewell Thermal Imaging into the program's brand. As the fall season starts, and temperatures begin to drop, do you know how much heat is escaping your home? The Board of Selectmen met with a representative from Sagewell, Inc., a thermal imaging company whose work may illuminate that question, and the work of the Green Homes
September, 2012
Thermal Images Reveal Needham Homes Energy Loss
Woburn-based Sagewell Inc. recently took a photographic survey of houses in town to encourage residents to begin the process of Mass Save energy assessment. This fall, Needham residents are being encouraged to take a closer look at their homes—and possibly make some simple upgrades that could help keep the chill of winter out and save them money on their utility bills. Sagewell Inc., a
September, 2012
Local group Green Needham hopes homes will apply for energy assessment
The Green Needham Collaborative, a local volunteer organization focusing on community sustainability, is urging homeowners to apply for an energy audit on their home that could qualify them for energy efficiency upgrades. They can also receive a free thermal image of their home, through Green Needham’s new partner Sagewell, to determine if their home needs improvements in heating and in
September, 2012
Thermal imaging shows Cambridge homeowners their hot spots
Against a black backdrop, the outline of a Cambridge home faces the street, it’s front porch a cool purple color with specs of orange peeping out of corners and crevices, but on top, a row of second floor windows burns white hot. The thermal imaging program, sponsored by Sagewell, Inc. and the Cambridge Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET), uses exterior thermal images to pinpoint exactly
September, 2012
On the lighter side: "Presidential candidates explain how sagewell works"
We are excited that the presidential candidates took time out of their busy schedules to perform in this video explaining how Sagewell’s thermal imaging programs work. The debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is clearly heating up, and this time the hot air is not just coming from the candidates but from buildings too..
September, 2012
Thermal Imaging Program Could Help Homeowners Save Money
A thermal imagaing company is offering Framingham homeowners no-cost, comprehensive home energy assessments to save energy and money. This program, by Sagewell Inc., uses exterior thermal images to pinpoint exactly where heat is leaking to make the most effective improvements possible. The program is available to all qualifying Framingham homeowners. Homeowners can request their no-cost compr
September, 2012
Mass-scale thermal imaging company Sagewell, Inc, is partnering with Cambridge HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team) in offering Cambridge, MA homeowners no-cost, comprehensive home energy assessments to save energy and money. But this is no ordinary home energy assessment. This program uses exterior thermal images to pinpoint exactly where heat is leaking to make the most effective improvements