Helping homeowners find and realize energy savings

Information to act on today

Immediate access to energy efficiency information about your home's
building envelope.

  • Analysis reports and interactive thermal image analysis tools to quickly assess your home's energy efficiency.
  • Easy to use.
  • Visually compelling thermal images of your home.
  • Recommended actions: learn which energy saving projects are most likely to provide the quickest pay-backs.

Immediately find the problem areas in your home

Sagewell finds energy inefficiencies in buildings. Each building is analyzed individually and we make recommendations on which improvements likely make the most economic sense.

We display a visual report showing precisely which windows, doors, walls, roof segments and other building envelope components are most in need of attention.

Help from an unbiased third party

Sagewell is an independent energy efficiency analysis company. We are not a builder, supplier, manufacturer or installer of energy efficiency materials. Our mission is to achieve a large scale reduction in energy use through targeted improvements of building envelopes. We help building owners identify cost-effective energy efficiency improvements and help them focus on the highest return on investment opportunities.

We bridge the gap between analysis and action, helping home owners realize the savings potential in their buildings.