Our Mission

Create large-scale energy savings through targeted building envelope improvements.

Our Vision

Deliver the most effective energy efficiency program in the US.

The Problem We Address

Significant energy use reductions in buildings can only be achieved by improving building envelopes. But which buildings are the best candidates for retrofits? Sagewell's data and analysis identifies these buildings.

According to the Department of Energy, building envelopes (walls, foundations, roofs, windows, doors, chimneys and sills) are the single largest source of energy loss in residential buildings.

  • 36% - 51% of household energy waste results from shortcomings in building envelopes
  • Sagewell estimates that 20% of residential buildings can save $750-$1500 per year and eliminate 14,000-28,000 lbs of CO2 annually with a simple building envelope retrofit.

Our Business

Sagewell has developed an approach to evaluate building envelope deficiencies and the energy retrofit needs of residential and non-residential building at a fraction of the cost and effort of previous methods. Sagewell discovers energy inefficiencies in buildings and directs resources to those buildings that can achieve the greatest reduction in energy use with the least investment.

Sagewell uses its sophisticated technologies to quickly:

Buildings with the greatest need for energy efficiency improvements
Improvement projects that are the most cost-effective solutions for each building
Building owners with:
  • Energy efficiency analysis and customized action plans for their properties
  • Qualified improvement providers to take action

Sagewell, Inc.

Sagewell is an industry leader in large-scale building envelope analysis and in the identification of high-pay-back energy efficiency investment opportunities in buildings. Sagewell has developed the first mass-scale thermal image analysis and reporting system and has a growing database of residential and commercial building analysis reports.

Sagewell's analysis reports are used by home and commercial building owners to make better decisions on what improvements have the best paybacks and environmental benefits. Sagewell also assists building owners in connecting with installers and manufacturers of efficiency products, in order to make it easy to implement the high-payback retrofit opportunities.

Sagewell is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.