Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to check for energy leaks in my home or building?

Significant reductions in energy use can only be achieved by improving building envelopes.

According to the Department of Energy, building envelopes (exterior walls, doors, attics, roofs, chimneys, foundations, and sills) are the single largest source of energy loss in residential buildings.

  • 36% - 51% of household energy waste results from shortcomings in building envelopes.
  • Sagewell estimates that 20% of residential buildings can save $750-$1500 per year and eliminate 14,000-28,000 lbs of CO2 annually with a simple building envelope retrofit.

In some cases, relatively small projects can save 20-30% on your monthly energy cost and you may be eligible for credits and subsidies that pay for most of the improvements.

How much can I reduce my energy bills?

You may have heard elsewhere that you can expect 50% energy savings, but in many cases this is not realistic. Only 5-10% of buildings can achieve such savings within a reasonable payback period without any subsidies or credits.

A 25 – 50% reduction in energy cost with a payback of two to three years may be possible, if a major problem in your building's envelope (exterior walls, windows, doors, attics, roofs, chimneys, foundations and, sills) is identified (a Highly Inefficient Red rating.)

The good news, if you have received a Highly Inefficient Red rating on your building, is that you may be able to achieve the very highest return on your energy efficiency investment, with a quick payback (even without subsidies or credits) and achieve significant energy savings. Most houses can achieve a majority of the potential savings with only two or three improvements. Many of those improvements take only a day or two to complete, thus minimizing disruptions.

In most cases, a building rated Orange ("Inefficient") or Yellow ("Somewhat Inefficient") can achieve a 10-25% reduction in energy costs with a moderate investment.

Sagewell's energy efficiency report will identify the problem areas in your building envelope and suggest the most cost-effective retrofit projects.

How do I tell how my house compares to others?

Sagewell has developed a color-coded Energy Efficiency Rating. We categorize your house in comparison to all other homes in your region, using our advanced energy analytics. With this color-coded rating system, a quick glance reveals how your building compares to other buildings.

How do I know which energy efficiency projects to do and which to avoid?

Sagewell's Energy Efficiency Analysis & Report identifies specific problem areas and recommends projects that make the most economic sense.

Energy efficiency project recommendations include an estimate of:

  • Cost to complete
  • Anticipated energy savings (in dollars)
  • The payback period to recoup your investment (how long it takes to save enough money to payback the investment)

How is a Sagewell Energy Efficiency Analysis Report different from a regular energy audit?

Sagewell's energy efficiency analysis and report is available to you without a need to schedule an auditor visit. It quickly identifies problem areas in your building envelope (exterior walls, windows, doors, attics, roofs, chimneys, foundations and, sills) and offers cost-effective energy efficiency retrofit solutions for your property. It is the first step toward a more energy efficient home.

If a major problem is identified, the second step may be to schedule a detailed “in-building” energy audit. Energy Audits take a few hours to complete and the costs range from Free (subsidized) to $500, but they will analyze the energy efficiency of your entire home. The process takes place inside your home, and may find problem areas that Sagewell's exterior thermal imaging sensors cannot detect.

Sagewell will help you get started moving in the right direction regarding the most important building component – the building envelope. If you want a comprehensive review of your home's condition, an in-home energy audit is recommended.

Why can't I find my home or building in your database?

We are working our way across the country and will be coming to your neighborhood soon. If you want to be notified when an energy analysis of your home is available, just click this link and provide us with your contact information.

We will prioritize those areas with the most requests, so we encourage your neighbors to sign up as well.

Why hasn't my home or building been analyzed yet?

If we have captured thermal images of your building but have not yet completed an analysis report, you may register for your Energy Efficiency Analysis Report and we will complete the analysis promptly.

Once you register, our expert team of thermography analysts will complete the report; in most cases within one business day. You will be notified via email when your report is ready.

Can Sagewell see inside my home?

No, thermal imaging technology cannot see past the exterior of the building. A thermal image is not a photograph; it is a visual display of surface temperatures.

Can I request that an energy efficiency specialist contact me right away?

Of course, we are happy to make the introduction. Just click Contact Us and tell us how you prefer to be contacted.

Is Sagewell an unbiased third party?

Yes. Sagewell is not a builder, supplier, manufacturer or installer of energy efficiency materials. We are an independent energy efficiency analysis company. Our mission is to generate large scale reductions in energy use through targeted building envelope improvement. We use the latest scientific methods to identify buildings with energy efficiency problems and provide this information to property owners in an efficient and timely manner. This information helps building owners to initiate cost-effective building envelope retrofit projects and realize the dollar and energy savings potential of their buildings.

Can I opt out?

Yes. If you would prefer not to be contacted, you may opt out of the marketing programs. If you wish to opt out from marketing programs, you are always welcome to opt out of the connection program and purchase reports without any discounts offered through our sponsors.

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