Thermal images of your home

Thermal images of your home

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  • Mass Save and the Home MPG program offer generous expanded rebates and incentives to homeowners and the opportunity to get an Energy Performance Score for your home.
  • Enter your home address below to view your thermal image report if available. At any time, you may call Mass Save at 888.791.1996 to schedule a no-cost assessment today.

Home MPG (miles per gallon)

If you live in Belchertown, East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Monson, Palmer, Springfield, or Wilbraham, then you are eligible for Home MPG, an initiative within Mass Save that offers: no-cost home energy assessments, a home energy performance score (like a miles-per-gallon rating), expanded financial incentives/rebates and 0% financing for home energy efficiency improvements, and (for some residents) thermal images to help you see energy-saving opportunities in your home.

For more information about Home MPG, please visit Mass Save EPS. For a calendar of events where you can learn more about Home MPG, please visit HomeMPG.

Sagewell's energy efficiency programs

Sagewell is an independent energy efficiency analysis company. We are not a builder, supplier, manufacturer or installer of energy efficiency materials. We focus our research on finding those homes that can save the most energy. We then connect the home owners with programs and companies that make the building improvements.

We bridge the gap between analysis and action, helping home owners realize the energy savings potential of their homes.